Top 10 Tips to Win Her Over Through Text Messaging

| April 18, 2016

Top 10 Tips to Win Her Over Through Text Messaging

  1. Text her within a few hours of meeting

The movie Swingers recommended waiting days before calling a woman you just met. That way of thinking is dead. Text her within 2-3 hours after meeting. Or the next morning if you met her at a bar. The key is to stay fresh in her mind. Think of it as extending your initial conversation instead of starting a new one.

  1. Continue the conversation

If you’re not sure what your first text should be, think back to your initial conversation. When I text a woman I like to bring up inside jokes or observations from our first conversation. Continuing your conversation through text is much easier than starting fresh.

  1. Be consistent

Your personality should be consistent from in-person conversation to texting. If you were cocky and playful when you first met her, continue that when you text her. There’s nothing that confuses a woman more than a complete 180 degree change in personality. If you go from cocky to submissive she’ll lose interest quickly.

  1. Take it easy with compliments and emojis

Everyone loves sincere compliments. Too many of them makes you seem desperate and kind of sleazy, like you only want to get in her pants. The same goes for emojis. Use them sparingly. Pay attention to how she uses them. If she uses them often, she’ll probably be more open to receiving them.

  1. Avoid long texts

When you’re getting to know someone keep texts short and to the point. When I receive a wall of text from someone I almost feel pressure to reply accordingly. Or I’ll just avoid the text and continue with my life. Sending someone you just met a long text can put them in an uncomfortable position so save it for later in the relationship.

  1. Don’t be desperate

This is easier said than done since a lot of guys don’t realize when they’re being desperate. A general rule is to avoid the word please. Instead of, “Will you go out with me again, please?” try, “When are we getting together again?” I know the first text is an extreme example that many of you would never do but you get the point. Don’t be needy through texts even if you’re being playful. It’s a huge turn off.

  1. Create a connection

Go beyond casual texting by opening up a bit. Telling her things other don’t know will spark her interest and motivate her to continue the conversation. Check out my post on 10 Ways to Build Rapport with Anyone for some tips.

  1. Don’t text back instantly

In the first tip I recommended texting her within a few hours of meeting but this doesn’t mean texting her back as soon as she texts you. You want her to think you have a life with priorities. Maybe you were busy with a client or maybe you were at the gym. Keep her on her toes by being inconsistent with your response times. If you wait hours to text her back, she’ll lose interest.

  1. Be patient

If she doesn’t text you back right away, it’s probably because she has a life. Do not text her multiple times asking if she’s busy. This screams desperation. If she doesn’t reply to your text, move on with your life. She’s probably not that into you.

  1. Ask for the date

In business there’s a rule to always ask for the sale. With texts you should eventually ask for a date. If you wait too long to ask for a date, you might lose your chance. I’ve made this mistake several times. I would have a long conversation with a girl that would last for days. Eventually the conversation would die and I would lose my chance to set up a date. Meeting in person should be your goal.