The Tao of Badass Review for 2018

| November 26, 2017

The Tao of Badass Review by Making a PUA Header

The Tao of Badass Review for 2018

Every guy dreams of being with beautiful women. The truth is most guys have no idea how to interact with women, period. The Tao of Badass claims to teach men how to be irresistible to women. The system can turn any guy, young or old, into a complete badass. It doesn’t matter if you’re in college or a CEO of a multi-million corporation, this system will guide you from the beginning to whatever your end goal is. Some guys want more female friends. Some want their first serious relationship. And some just want to sleep with beautiful women out of their league. Whatever your goal is, I’m confident the Tao of Badass can help.

About the Author

Joshua Pellicer has spent years studying psychology, relationships, and attraction. He’s worked with leading experts in body language, neurolinguistic programming, and motivational speaking. He founded and hosted a radio show on SIRIUS XM satellite radio dedicated to helping men succeed with women. He’s trained everyone from athletes, celebrities, CEOs, students, and regular men who struggle with women. He’s made multiple appearances on national TV and radio shows as a dating expert. Today Joshua runs the Tao of Badass, a company dedicated to helping men meet women.

Tao of Badass Content

  • Introduction
  • Gender Roles
  • Confidence
  • The System
  • The Approach
  • Tests
  • Reading Body Language
  • Creating Love
  • The Biggest Mistakes You Make
  • Conclusion

Gender Roles

This chapter provides the foundation for a successful relationship. In any relationship there are roles each person plays to maintain and grow the relationship. In romantic relationships people are attracted to someone who plays the opposite gender role. The typical male gender role is to be the provider, protector, and hunter gatherer. The typical female gender role is to be the nurturer, mother, and support. In today’s society the male gender role doesn’t literally hunt and gather. The male gender role has become a social provider. Someone who is a strong social provider has meaningful connections with friends, colleagues, and others that lead to career advancements and stronger social circles. This is what women seek in today’s society.

Understanding gender roles is an important key to meeting and seducing women. Every relationship has a balance that must be kept. It doesn’t matter who plays which role as long as the other person plays the opposite role. If both people in the relationship play the male gender role or vice versa, the relationship won’t last.


It seems like every PUA book I’ve read has a chapter dedicated to confidence, and rightfully so. This chapter describes why people are attracted to confident people, how to communicate confidence through body language, and lastly how to change your belief system to become more confident. The importance of confidence and how to fake it until you make it is a staple in every book on picking up women. The real gold in this chapter, and probably the entire ebook, is the section on changing your belief system.

In this chapter Joshua Pellicer breaks down the stages of belief creation. It’s not enough to fake confidence because eventually people will figure out you’re full of crap. Real confidence comes from wholeheartedly believing in yourself. To achieve real confidence you need to create new beliefs to replace your old ones. Here’s a quick summary of the stages of belief creation:

  • Challenge your initial belief.
  • Accept the new belief to replace the old one.
  • Proclaim your new belief.
  • Evaluate feedback.
  • Submit.

The book goes into detail on every step and it’s worth reading and rereading. This belief system goes beyond picking up women. You can use this to change any aspect of your life.

The System                       

The System lays out everything you need to know to start hitting on women. Every interaction with a woman goes through stages. As much as women want to believe in fate, there’s a science to attraction. In this chapter Joshua Pellicer breaks down the map of interaction. Every relationship goes through attraction, rapport, seduction, and ends with a relationship balance. Skip one of these stages and you’ll end up in the friend-zone.

This chapter is packed with essential information. I wish I had this when I first started. Joshua not only describes every stage and its significance, he also gives you tips on exactly what to say at certain stages. Avoid negative topics. Stick to banter. Ask qualifying questions. These are just a few examples of tips in this chapter that you need to drill into your head.

The Approach and Tests

I combined these two chapters because they’re closely related. The Approach chapter describes the anxiety most men have when approaching women. You’re imagination runs wild when you’re about to approach a woman. When I first started out I thought women would laugh in my face and see right through me. It took a lot of practice to overcome my approach anxiety. In this chapter Joshua Pellicer recommends changing your belief system and tons of practice.

The Tests chapter describes how women use tests to naturally filter out men. Other books and blogs refer to these as shit tests. Women use these tests to challenge your personality. Are you really the man you express yourself to be? This chapter outlines exactly what to do during their compliance and congruence tests.

Reading Body Language

It’s not enough to express positive body language, you need to be able to read a person’s body language. This chapter goes through four types of body language; eye accessing cues, walking, sitting, and talking.  Take this information with a grain of salt. Even the author admits that some body language cues may not be accurate like the section on eye accessing cues. However, there’s a great list of body language signals to lookout for to determine if a woman is attracted to you.

Creating Love

If your goal is to have a serious relationship, this chapter is vital. This chapter describes the love formula. The love formula is a method of creating a deep connection with someone using multiple types of rapport. Joshua tells you exactly what to say and what type of conversation topics to discuss. This chapter is a refreshing topic that most pickup artist books tend to avoid.

The Biggest Mistakes You Make

This chapter is a list of common mistakes men make when interacting with women. This chapter is short and to the point. I would recommend printing this list out and posting it somewhere you’ll see it every day. This list can be used for any type of interaction, not just women.

Here’s the list of mistakes men make:

  • Pecking – Leaning forward at the waist to talk to someone then leaning back when you’re done. You look like a chicken pecking.
  • Being needy.
  • Too much positive body language – Comes off as desperate. Overwhelming for women.
  • Being too cool for school – Don’t take yourself too seriously because you think you’re hot shit. Women aren’t attracted to that. Be playful.
  • Not touching enough – Not touching puts you in the friend zone. Learn when it’s best to touch. Touching too early could end the interaction.
  • Asking for permission – Seeking approval to do something. It communicates weakness.
  • Failing compliance tests – If you fail these, women will filter you out.
  • Buying time or attention – Buying women drinks or other things to get their attention and time. It’s desperate.
  • Hesitation – Don’t give yourself time to hesitate. Just do it.
  • Creating an imaginary relationship – Stop planning your future with someone you just met. It means you’re thinking too much about the future and not the present.


At 152 pages the Tao of Badass ebook is a short read filled with useful tips and theories. This book is perfect for anyone starting out. The chapters on confidence and body language are insightful, with tips you can use immediately to boost your confidence and value. The chapter on creating love came as a surprise. Most pickup books focus on getting laid but this chapter actually had some helpful tips on creating deep emotional connections.


My biggest complaint was how some chapters could have used more examples. I would have loved some lines to use to approach women but instead the author recommended the members section. The members-only section comes up quite a bit throughout the book. The price of the book is high if you compare it to other books but this is more of a program than a book.

Final Thoughts

At $67 the price of the book is high if it weren’t for the bonuses. Besides the ebook, you also get access to the Tao of Badass community, accelerated seduction program, audio files, and other training material. This is the perfect ebook for anyone just starting out. It took me years to gather similar material from dozens of books and blogs. I’d recommend trying the program for a month to get the ebook and bonus material. You can always cancel before your next month. If you have any questions about this review, use the contact page to let me know.

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