Sex Books for Pickup Artists

PUA books tell you exactly how to pick up a woman but they won’t tell you what to do with her once she’s in your bed. Pleasing a woman sexually will guarantee she’ll come back for round two. She’ll be knocking down your door if you can blow her mind in the bedroom. These sex books will tell you, and show you, exactly what to do. Become the man of her dreams by fulfilling every one of her sexual needs.

She Comes First: The Thinking Man’s Guide to Pleasuring a Woman by Ian Kerner
Dispelling the widely held myth of genital penetration as the apogee of sexual pleasure, Kerner, who holds a doctorate in clinical sexology, offers this witty, well-researched manual for “consistently leading women to orgasm” through cunnilingus. Loaded with practical anatomical information and graphic line drawings, the book also touches on the less mechanical, more psychological aspects of oral sex, including the three assurances every woman needs from her lover to feel comfortable.
I Love Female Orgasm: An Extraordinary Orgasm Guide by Dorian Solot and Marshall Miller

Whether you’re celebrating your thousandth female orgasm, searching for your first, or cheering on your girlfriend or wife, women and men across the country agree: I Love Female Orgasm!I Love Female Orgasm is crammed with everything you want to know about the big O. Answers to your questions about vibrators, sex toys, piercings, and more The real deal on orgasms for lesbian, bisexual, and queer women An entire chapter for men on how to turn her on and get her off, plus tips for partners in every chapter Solot and Miller have spoken to thousands of men and women and surveyed thousands more about their experiences with female orgasm.

Oral Sex She’ll Never Forget: 50 Positions and Techniques That Will Make Her Orgasm Like She Never Has Before by Sonia Borg Ph.D.
Techniques That Will Drive Her Wild! For many women intercourse isn’t enough to get them from “oh” to “oh-YES!”. Getting a woman to orgasm has more to do with movement of your lips than what you do with your hips. This ultimate oral sex guide teaches you all of the mouth moves you need to go down on a woman skillfully.
Slow Sex: The Art and Craft of the Female Orgasm by Nicole Daedone

Better sex is about one thing: better orgasm. This life-altering guide teaches men and women how to use the practice of Orgasmic Meditation-or OM-to slow down, connect emotionally, and achieve authentic female sexual satisfaction. The promise: In just fifteen minutes every woman can become orgasmic. And, with the right partner and the right technique, that orgasm could last and last!

Female Ejaculation: Unleash the Ultimate G-Spot Orgasm by Somraj Pokras and Ph.D. Jeffre Talltrees
Do you want amazing, mind-blowing sexual ecstasy—full-body, multiple and extended orgasms, as well as the elusive and mysterious experience of female ejaculation? In this book, you’ll learn how to awaken your secret orgasmic trigger, the G-spot. With step-by-step instruction for both men and women, this book shows how to give and receive incredibly powerful G-spot orgasms that take you to the ultimate point of pleasure—female ejaculation.
Squirms, Screams and Squirts: Going from Great Sex to Extraordinary Sex by Robert J Rubel
This book is both for married men and for single men. Robert J Rubel wrote this book because he had never seen anything like it in print. It took him many years of reading and application to master this material, and if he’d had such a book decades ago, it would have changed his sex life forever.
How to Give Her Absolute Pleasure: Totally Explicit Techniques Every Woman Wants Her Man to Know by Lou Paget

This “sexpert” is back to tell men how to arouse women-stressing the best and most versatile uses of hands and mouth. Having spent the last seven years giving sexuality seminars and working as an AIDS volunteer, she quite appropriately places sager sex advice upfront, in Chapter 2. Her discussion of intercourse positions is complete and concise, and she includes a good chapter on sex toys.

How to Satisfy A Woman Every Time by Naura Hayden
Hayden matter-of-factly explores many of the myths men tend to believe about what a woman really wants in bed. She explains what turns women off, what turns them on, and gives explicit, foolproof instructions any man can follow on how to give his partner earth-shattering orgasms during intercourse every time.
How To Please A Woman In & Out Of Bed by Daylle Deanna Schwartz

How to Please a Woman in and out of Bed, 2nd Edition is back and better than ever. In this even more revealing, sexier new edition, men get deeper inside the minds of today’s women – learning all the female turn-ons and turn-offs through catchy sidebars and fun quotes. Guys uncover the truth about: What women really think about penis size; The sometimes elusive female orgasm; What women want before, during, and after sex; What to say – and not to say – to get a lover in the mood.