PUA Openers

Openers are canned material usually for guys just starting out in the pickup artist community. It’s a script you can use to practice your approach, body language and tonality. Since you don’t have to think of something to say on your own, it’s easier to use an opener and react to your target’s responses. With practice you’ll eventually be able to approach women without any canned material. For those of you that need it though, here’s a list of my favorite openers. These have all been tested in the field with excellent success ratings.

  • “Hey, we need an opinion on something. This is really important. What’s better, bacon or ham?” Disqualify their answer and keep it going.
  • “Would you rather be bitten by a snake or sprayed by a skunk?” Disqualify their response and say this. “That’s interesting, women usually say sprayed by skunk and men choose the snake bite.” This has a near perfect success rate.
  • With women sitting at a table. “Hey guys sorry I’m late. There was a bunch of traffic. Did you guys start drinking without me?” This needs to be done with a confident playful attitude or you’ll come off as a creep.
  • You’ll need a somewhat flamboyant accessory or article of clothing. I use a white ceramic ring on my pinky which works pretty well. With higher energy than your set ask, “I need your opinion on something. Does this ring (or shirt, hat, watch, etc.) make me look gay?” Before they answer, interrupt and continue your story.  “The reason I ask is because this guy at a bar started hitting on me after he complimented me on my ring.”
  • You’ll need a wing for this one to add credibility to your story. “Hey guys, I need a female’s opinion on something. Do you consider talking to someone online, cheating?” Disqualify their response and move on. “The reason I ask is because my friend over there has a girlfriend that’s been talking to some guy online for the past couple of months. She says they’re just friends but that doesn’t seem right to me.” Be prepared for a response regarding trust in relationship.
  • “Hey guys, I can’t stay very long but let me get your opinion on something. Who do you think lies more, women or men?” Interrupt their response and continue with a story. This is what I’ve used. “The reason I ask is because my friend’s girlfriend lies about everything. Even simple things like going to the store.” Add you own twist or true story to make it interesting.
  • A little more direct but can have a huge payoff if done correctly. Standing at the bar or a crowded club with a woman behind you, “Hey! Did you just grab my ass?” She’ll most likely give you a wide-eyed expression and say no. Respond with, “Good, because I usually charge for that.” If she says yes, respond playfully with, “Could you go a little lower next time.” Which ever response you use, end it with a smile.
  • With a girl standing near a crowded bar say, “Hey, I don’t usually use women for their bodies until I get to know them, but the bartender is more likely to notice a cute girl like you than a guy like me. Can you buy me a drink? I’ll even pay for it.”
  • An oldie but a goodie from Styles. “Hey guys, I need your help with something. This is a life or death situation so please be as honest as possible. Ok, here it goes.” With a serious expression, “Do you floss before or after you brush your teeth?”
  • The social network opener
    Hey guys I need a female’s opinion. So there is this girl that works at Jack in the box. She hits me up on myspace and says that she got my name from my debit card and she thinks I am very cute. At the time I did not think of how much the situation was screaming “Stalker!”. Maybe I am being to harsh , what do you girls think? Should I go out with her or should I just tell she is crazy and to leave me alone. – Mr. Atticus

Some shorter openers that get straight to the point. Open a set and get them talking. If you have great social skills, you can turn any mundane opener into a rapport building conversation.

  • To a set, “Who are you people?”
  • Approach a set and ask, “Do you guys want to see a magic trick? Ok, everyone close your eyes.” With their eyes closed, grab your target and walk away from the set.
  • “Are you shy? You smiled at me and never came over to say hi.”
  • “Ok, who’s been naughty and who’s been nice?”
  • Compliment a woman on her clothing, accessories or shoes. The point is not to compliment her on her physical appearance since that’s what most guys do.
  • “You’ll do.” Say this with a smirk and with positive energy. Her first reaction will be to question your intentions. Just be playful and continue with something witty.
  • When a girl bumps into you or touches you lightly, “Don’t touch me! I usually charge for that.” Obviously, don’t say this with a serious attitude.