Practice Your Game by Talking to Everyone

| July 3, 2016

Practice Your Game by Talking to Everyone

I have always been a shy person. In school I was the guy that didn’t raise their hand to answer questions or tried to hide when the teacher wanted someone to read out loud. Things weren’t much different outside of school. I was always the listener instead of the one telling stories. What made things worse was when people would point it out by saying things like, “Why don’t you talk much?” So you can imagine the difficult time I had trying to approach women for the first time in my life.

Talking to everyone I encountered throughout the day helped me get over any approach anxiety and it gave me a huge confidence boost. I got the idea of practicing talking to people from several PUA books and blogs.  This exercise isn’t about hitting on everyone you meet. It’s about starting and maintaining a conversation with strangers.

Some people recommend smiling and greeting every person you come across. I use more of a quality over quantity mindset. I try to start conversations instead of exchanging common pleasantries. The absolute best place to do this is the mall.

A mall is full of people who are being paid to talk to you. You can ask someone about a specific product, sales, or even how their day is going. Within a couple hours you can hit every store in a mall to gain valuable experience. And don’t avoid a particular sex. Talk to both men and women. Women will help with your love life but talking to men can help in other areas. Use it to network or make new friends. Sticking with only women may hinder your progress.

Whomever or whatever your topic is, remember to maintain eye contact, good posture, and talk confidently and clearly. Doing this a couple times a week will help you immensely with your game.