Oakland A’s Ballboy Scores Date With Girl Using Foul Balls

| August 25, 2014

Sometimes you have to use all of your resources to score a cute girl. When you’re ballboy Kevin Fennell from the Oakland A’s, you have to give a woman four foul balls, five total, to get a phone number. By the fourth foul ball, I’m sure she felt sorry for the guy. He didn’t even number-close her. Some ballplayer had to send over a fifth baseball with a note asking for her phone number. After giving her four foul balls, bypassing tons of kids begging for a souvenir and after several booing cheers from the crowd, he didn’t think of getting her phone number.

Come on kid! After giving a woman four of anything, I’d be expecting her to do the nasty in the back of my car let alone get her phone number.

There are two things I took away from this story. The first is that women love anything out of the ordinary. Attractive women are approached everyday by the same type of guys. It’s the guys that differentiate themselves from the average ones that walk away with a number. A ballboy giving someone a foul ball happens several times during a baseball game, but giving someone four of them is unheard of. I probably would have stopped at two and asked for a phone number.

The second, was thinking how uncomfortably pressured this woman must have felt to dish out a phone number. Giving women gifts places them in the awkward position of feeling obligated to reciprocate. They’ll feel like they have to be nice to you even if they don’t want to. That’s why almost every PUA recommends never buying a girl a drink. You want a woman to interact with you because she’s into you, not because you bought her a drink.