Five Best Places To Meet Women

| July 12, 2015

Every weekend men and women flock to clubs and bars. Clubs and bars can be a great place to meet women. Women dress themselves up, put on their best face and after a few drinks, are very eager to meet someone new. The only problem is that there are dozens of other guys ready to pounce on them. The club and bar scene are competitive hunting grounds where only the strongest and most experienced survive. But you don’t have to waste your time and money on these places that might have women. Instead, I’m going to give you the five best places to meet women outside of bars and clubs.

5. Malls

I’m not talking about the crappy strip malls. Malls with high end designer stores are crawling with women. It would be a challenge to go five feet in a mall during a weekend without running into a beautiful woman. The mall is an amazing place for beginners or experienced PUAs to meet women. If you’re just starting out as a PUA, malls are ideal environments to test your approach skills on store employees. Try going up to women in stores and asking for their opinions. You can open with something like, “I’m getting my mom/friend/sister a gift. What do you think about this perfume?” If you meet someone, try going for an instant date. After building some rapport suggest continuing the conversation over lunch or some coffee.

4. Coffee shops

Coffee shops are everywhere nowadays. Coffee shops have always been my favorite first date destinations but they’re also one of the most popular places to meet women. Visit a Starbucks near a college campus and you’ll be blown away. And because there are so many around, you can hit multiple spots within a couple of hours. I try to visit my local Starbucks as often as possible. If I have some work to do or want to catch up on some reading, I’ll take it to Starbucks to check out the scenery.

3. Bookstores

If you’re into intellectuals, bookstores should be your primary destination. I recommend grabbing a book you’ve been meaning to read, sitting in one of the comfy bookstore chairs and patiently waiting until something catches your eye. If you spot a cutie in the romantic section try making a joke about the genre. If you get a conversation going you can take it to the in-store coffee shop or if you’re feeling ballsy, to the sex section.

2. Concerts

Think about the conversation topics you have when you first meet a woman. Music is usually one the first to come up. So logically, going to concerts is a fantastic way to meet women who share your taste in music. In added bonus is what women usually do at concerts. Most of the time they’re either drunk or on something totally different. The problem with concerts is it can be difficult talking to women during the loud music. I recommend getting there a couple of hours before the show and hitting up one of the nearby bars. You’re sure to meet some women on their way to the concert.

1. The Internet

By far the best place to meet women is the internet. I could write a whole post on meeting women over the internet and I just might. Besides the huge dating sites like eHarmony or, there are plenty of free dating sites. Before you make a profile though, spend some time reading women’s profiles. You should notice how a majority of women will utilize emotional descriptive words in their profiles while men generally try boast about their accomplishments and materialistic objects. If you want to build a profile that will attract women, you have to think like them. Write a profile that focuses on your personality. Last of all, include a picture. Studies have shown women are attracted to photos of men where they are looking away from the camera. Avoid cell phone camera pictures at all costs. If you don’t have a decent camera, ask you friends for one.