Field Report: In The Zone by MrAtticus

| October 13, 2014

MrAtticus has been a close friend of mine for about 10 years. He was responsible for getting me into the pickup artist community after I broke up with my ex-girlfriend. Since then we’ve been applying seduction techniques on a weekly basis at our local bars and clubs. Below is his field report from a night out in early October. Enjoy.

In sports it’s called “the zone”, a game where everything goes right. Every shot, every pass, every move seems to be divinely guided to where it should be. Those types of moments end up going down in history as immaculate performances, never to be repeated again. Michael Jordan had one. Kobe Bryant had one. John Elway had one. And now, I can say I’ve had one. I stepped into the zone last weekend when we celebrated Mr. Orange’s birthday at a local club. What happened that weekend will forever be imprinted in my mind as an example of how women react to a strong confident man.

What made this night different from all the others is how I entered the venue. Normally, it’s just Mr. Orange and I hitting the bars trying to pickup, but this time I brought a friend. Not just any friend though, this was a cute brunette that’s had a thing for me since we were kids. Her high energy and outgoing personality gave me the confidence to walk into the club and head straight to the vacant dance floor. As soon as I started to get my dance on, I could feel nearly every woman’s eyes on me. Going straight to the dance floor with my friend did two things for me instantly. First it provided social proof. Walking into a venue with a cute girl shows others you’re comfortable around attractive women. Plus it subconsciously communicates to a woman, “Hey, this attractive woman likes this guy so I probably will too!” The second thing it accomplished was it allowed me to display a high level energy. I was there to have fun and that attitude is contagious.

After busting my moves on the dance floor, I went around greeting all my friends that were therefor Mr. Orange’s birthday. Besides giving me more social proof, something else happened that I hadn’t expected. Chitchatting with some of my female friends got my friend insanely jealous. So much so that she practically dragged me to the bathroom where we, uh, talked for awhile. 😉 I honestly felt like strutting coming out of the bathroom where a line of hot women were giving me the eye. That’s when I knew, I was in “the zone”.

Coming out of the restroom with the smell of success lingering on my fingers made me feel unstoppable. It was an amazing feeling. At that point, I felt I could get any woman in the club with a smile and a wink. At one point Mr. Orange and I approached a three set. I went up to one of the girls and said, “Why aren’t you dancing? This place is meant for you to dance.” Without any hesitation she put down her purse and said, “Ok, let’s go.” That caught me by surprise. I don’t usually have a lot of women wanting to dance with me, mainly because I don’t put myself out there. I tried turning her down gently by saying I wasn’t much of a dancer and she quickly responded with, “I saw you out there dancing earlier and you didn’t look bad at all.” Someone was checking me out.

The night ended with my friend and I heading home to take care of business. What made my night even better, besides taking a cute girl home and having as much confidence as Casanova on roids, was getting a text later that night. It was from a female friend that was at the club. She texted me saying, “Thanks for the dance.” Her sarcasm and disappointment for me leaving only stroked my ego. She was obviously jealous, and I was loving it. CAN I GET A HIGH FIVE!

That was one of the best nights of my life. With an optimistic attitude and a cute girl, I was able to boost my self-confidence and have an amazing night. Remember, when you go out to a club, bar, or lounge, go with a positive mentality. Everyone in a club or bar is there to have a good time so why not let them have it with you. Don’t be the guy holding up the wall with a drink in his hand, not doing a God damn thing other than lowering your social value.