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Five Best Places To Meet Women

Every weekend men and women flock to clubs and bars. Clubs and bars can be a great place to meet women. Women dress themselves up, put on their best face and after a few drinks, are very eager to meet someone new. The only problem is that there are dozens of other guys ready to… Read More »

5 Best Peacocking Methods for PUAs

Much like a male peacock will display his feathers to attract a female, peacocking in the pickup artist community involves wearing unique clothing and accessories to attract women. Pickup artists, or PUAs, have been attracting women by peacocking ever since the world’s most famous pickup artist, Mystery, coined the phrase a few years ago. Successful… Read More »

My Best Week As a PUA in Training

I am loving the single life. Back when I was about 125 pounds heavier (girlfriend) I thought the only chance I had at getting laid was by having a girlfriend. Then came “The Game” and my mind was blown. Since breaking up with my girlfriend and studying pickup artist materials I’ve learned that anything is… Read More »

Video: Dumping Your Girlfriend Opener

A guy opens a set by borrowing a random girl’s phone to dump his girlfriend. This is a great opener. He approached with confidence and really sold the routine by not breaking character.

Best Peacocking Accessories

Back in June I wrote a post on the five best peacocking methods. In this post, I’ll show you exactly what I use in the field to peacock. Peacocking accessories don’t have to be vibrant or obnoxious as described in the best-selling book, The Game by Neil Strauss. Styles may be able to pull off… Read More »

Becoming a Pickup Artist Isn’t Easy

Becoming a pickup artist isn’t like riding a bike. You don’t learn a few things and remember them for the rest of your life. Sure, you might know what to do, but knowing and doing are two different things. Becoming a pickup artist takes consistency and commitment. When I first started, I was on fire.… Read More »

Why Should a Woman Date You?

Johnny Wolf brought up a good question on his blog. He asked, “Why would a woman want to sleep with you?” It’s a simple question that I’m sure most men have trouble answering. It’s probably something many men have never thought about in the first place. So why should you ask yourself this question? In… Read More »

Indicators of Interest or Common Courtesy?

Indicators of interest, or IOIs, are any signals women display, consciously or not, that show she’s interested in you or what you have to say. Most IOIs are pretty straightforward, but many can go unnoticed or misread. It’s obvious a woman is interested in you if she gives you her number, hugs you, goes out… Read More »

PUA Goals for May

Every month I’ll be giving myself assignments to improve my game. I’ll aim to push myself outside of my comfort zone to overcome my sticking points. I’ll set goals at the beginning of each month aiming to improve certain areas of my game. At the end of each month I’ll report back on what I… Read More »