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Field Report: Fake Number

It happens to every PUA, right? You meet some girl at a bar, have a conversation and number close thinking you’ll talk to her again in a couple of days. Then you try calling or texting and you find out you’ve been duped. Even though several female friends have admitted giving guys fake numbers to… Read More »

Field Report: Can I retake that shit test?

Women have a way of subconsciously disqualifying men using tests. These subconscious tests are called shit tests. Women test men through snide remarks or revealing questions and filter out men with incongruent personalities. Simply put, women will give you shit and see how you react. Attractive women have plenty of options when it comes to… Read More »

Field Report: In The Zone by MrAtticus

MrAtticus has been a close friend of mine for about 10 years. He was responsible for getting me into the pickup artist community after I broke up with my ex-girlfriend. Since then we’ve been applying seduction techniques on a weekly basis at our local bars and clubs. Below is his field report from a night out… Read More »

Field Report: First Day Game Approach

I’ve read several articles and ebooks on day game but never actually tried it, until last week. There’s something intimidating about approaching a woman without a drop of alcohol and the assumption that you’re interrupting her day. At least at a bar or club, you know a woman is there to socialize. With day game… Read More »

Field Report: Las Vegas

I spent this past weekend in the city of sin, Las Vegas. It was my first time partying in Vegas and it definitely didn’t disappoint. People come from all over the world to party in Vegas so it’s obviously one of the finest places to practice your game. The ratio of women to men had… Read More »

Field Report: Three’s a Crowd

Last night I went to a friend’s surprise birthday party at a local dive bar. I went without any intentions of picking up women. I was looking forward to meeting up with old friends and having a good time without any pressure to practice my game. However, the game is all about identifying opportunities and… Read More »

Field Report: Runway Disaster

Imagine a place filled with art, music, alcohol, emerging fashion designers, and beautiful models. Well that place was a reality for me last Friday when I attended a fashion show in Los Angeles, a self-proclaimed incubator for the latest in fashion, art and music. It was my second time attending a fashion show and it won’t be… Read More »