Best Peacocking Accessories

| December 21, 2014

Back in June I wrote a post on the five best peacocking methods. In this post, I’ll show you exactly what I use in the field to peacock.

Peacocking accessories don’t have to be vibrant or obnoxious as described in the best-selling book, The Game by Neil Strauss. Styles may be able to pull off a cowboy hat or boa in a club but, it’s not for everyone. It’s definitely not for me. I utilize subtle peacocking, an oxymoron I’m fully aware of. Instead of wearing colorful clothing, I pay attention to small details. Women have a keen eye for detail. My form of peacocking may not be obvious to men, but it sends a loud signal to women that I have my shit together.

I came up with my own form of peacocking after asking various women what they first noticed about a man. Their answers were completely unexpected. I’ve heard women mention clean shoes, well kept nails, and cologne as the first things they notice. A colorful cowboy hat may get a conversation started but could backfire if the accessory doesn’t coincide with your personality. If you’re shy, like me, giving you a pink boa won’t magically turn you into a conversationalist.

So if you’re like me and don’t want to feel like an idiot, peacocking with cowboy hats, nail polish and boas, take some tips from my favorite peacocking accessories.


Men don’t wear watches these days and why would they? Everyone has a cell phone that can tell time. A watch these days is worn for style. My personal favorite is a modern watch made by Guess. My watch has several gears in the background. It’s a perfect conversation starter. Women think it’s an advanced, highly technological watch because of all the gears but it’s all for show. It’s a façade that sparks their interest.


Without a doubt, my favorite peacocking accessories are my rings. I have two tungsten carbide rings and one ceramic ring I purchased online. I’ll wear one ring on my middle finger of my right hand whenever I go out. Rings are my favorite because of the best routine known to man, “The Ring Routine.” If you haven’t memorized it, drop everything you’re doing and tattoo this one into your brain. The ring routine lets you cold read a woman by the jewelry she’s wearing. At the same time, you’re demonstrating your high-worth with your own jewelry. I’ve used The Ring Routine dozens, maybe even hundreds, of times. If you take anything from this list, let it be rings.


If you wear a necklace with the top few buttons of your shirt opened, you’ll definitely get noticed. It’s accessories like these that work for you and not against you. When you wear a pink boa in a club you’ll constantly be defending and explaining yourself. When you wear a necklace, it creates curiosity in women, encouraging them to approach you. Plus, what sophisticated woman would want to be seen with some jackass in a pink boa.


Various women I’ve talked to have said shoes are the first thing they notice on men. The wrong pair of shoes can ruin an outfit, but the right pair of shoes can speak volumes about your sense of style. My shoe collection has been slowly multiplying since I’ve started my PUA journey. I have shoes for every occasion and venue to go with all of my outfits. When I first started, I would wear a worn out pair of dress shoes to clubs with a dress code. The shoes would get me in the door but wouldn’t get me anywhere with women. Even with an excellent outfit, the shoes made me self-conscious which would affect my interactions with women. Do yourself a favor and get a nice pair of dress shoes.


One thing I’ve noticed in clubs and lounges in Los Angeles is how the clothes guys wear make them appear nearly identical. The standard uniform for men in LA is dark jeans and button-up shirts. If it’s not a button-up shirt, it’ll be those obnoxious Ed Hardy designer t-shirts. To separate myself from the clones, I’ll wear a dark charcoal or navy fitted blazer. I consistently receive complements from women whenever I sport a blazer. Plus, you can wear it with a nice dress shirt, a v-neck, or a regular t-shirt.